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Implementation and development of Cryptographic

This workshop will include topics for implementation of standard algorithms to your enterprise programs in the business enviroment cryptography is being a big step on security , and propietary application with client/server model or IPC communication that manages sensitive data needs to be protected by a math function.

In this course you will learn about:

- Basic Math function implementations
- How standards work
- UNIX implementation
- Custom algorithm development

Main information:

Global Time:
-30 Hours (Monday to Friday 14:00 to 20:00)
Administrative Requirements:
-Covered Payment
-Copy of your oficial ID Card.
-Signed Confidential Agreement Contract.
Technical Requirements:
-C Language knowledge
-Assembly Language knowledge (for standalone plattform algorithms)
-Unix Basics for entropy handling
-Learn Mathematical facts (laws , factoring, discrete log, etc..)
-Learn the Key handling (length , tips for generation, expansion)
-Learn boolean operators for custom algorithm
-Learn Types of ciphers
-Arithmetic of Matrices for random tables and substitution ciphers
-Implementation of block cipher and stream cipher using finite fields
-Analizing the security of your custom algorithm
-Entropy handling on UNIX for pseudorandom number generator
-Implementation of a perfect cipher scheme using one-time pads
-One way hash functions (development)
-Theorical resources:
* Quantum Cryptography
* How RSA and Diffie-Hellman protocols work ?
* Elliptic Curve cryptosystems
-Development of a custom symetric cryptosystem
Participant Profile:
-Interested in math
-Interested in security
-Experience with C programming
-Hability to learn
Included Material:
-Presentations used in the training
-Source codes of examples
-Basic Mathematical background
-C programming using logical functions
-Asymetric and symetric ciphers
-Gathering information
-Key generation , handling , length and expansion
-Block ciphers and stream ciphers
-My block cipher & stream cipher using a simple xor
-Creating an algorithm
-Hash functions
-Linear Algebra for cryptographic purposes (using Hypersec Matrix lib)
-Entropy handling on UNIX for randomness
-Implementation of a real cipher with other functions and entropy
-Implementation of a hash function
-Implementation of a perfect cryptographic scheme using one time pads
*Math Theory :
-What is quantum cryptography
-What is an elliptic curve cryptosystem
-Asymetric protocols:
RSA and Diffie-Hellman , and discrete logarithms
-Number Theory
-Practice and examples of all the programming topics before development
-Writing your idea in a C program

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