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Welcome to our support services and plans:

Support Plans: If you are not subscribed to our support plans here you can get involved into our planning system, nowadays we have 3 diferent plans

Customers Section: If you are a registered customer of HyperSec Consulting here you can track your projects, and the development of your security services.

Advisories: this is a public section, here you can get involved into our public advisory network, with solutions and POC Exploits (Proof of Concept Exploits).

Report an Incident(Ticket): here you can start a service order, if you are listed in one of our three diferent support plans.

Request Urgent Support: here you can evoke urgent support if you are listed in our platinum support plan. You can require the number of support engineers that you need onsite or remote to make a solution for your current problems, 24/7/365.

Contact us: here you can check our contact information for conferences, shows and onsite or remote support.

Remember if the support service is not listed you can ask for a customatization for your needs.

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