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G-Con Security Tips & Tricks

Formerly known as a hacking workshop, G-Con Security Tips & Tricks is just the better way to create profesionals that can perform self pentesting to a corporative environment.

G-Con Security tips and tricks is celebrated every month. In this training you are going
to understand what is a hacker, why hackers do whatever they want to do, why security
is so easy to brake, and remember you canīt leave the room without breaking the security
of at least 3 servers and 2 aplications.

In this course you cover the security of:

  -Microsoft Windows NT (NT/2000/2003 and XP)
  -The Linux kernel in the most common distributions (Redhat/Slackware/Mandrake/Gentoo/etc).
  -OpenBSD and FreeBSD
  -Web applications and SQL Databases

And learn the most common techniques of:

-Code Audit
-Steganographic and criptographic algorithms
-Forensics (Memory/Disk and Networking)
-Exploit making

Main information:

Global Time:
-35 Hours (Monday to Friday 14:00 to 20:00)
Administrative Requirements:
-Covered Payment
-Copy of your oficial ID Card.
-Signed Confidential Agreement Contract.
Technical Requirements:
-C Language knowledge
-Assembly Language knowledge
-Windows Basics
-Unix Basics
-Networking Basics
-Teory of Operative Systems
-Learning of the real network threads
-Learning of the attacking and defense techniques that can be used by hackers
-Learning of networking security
-Code generation to audit and prevent network hacking
-Detect common programation errors
Participant Profile:
-Interested in networks
-Interested in security
-Hability to learn
Included Material:
-Presentations used in the training
-Security Tutorial
-Programs used in the workshop
-Virii Samples used in the workshop
-Hackers who are they?
-Anatomy of an attack
-Anatomy of viruses
-How a hacker works
-Gateways to a network
-Network Mapping
-Hacking Windows
-Hacking Unix
-Buffer Overflows and common programming errors
-Forensics analisis
-Application errors (SQL Injection, include errors, etc).
-TCP/IP hacking
-Basic and advanced exercises are going to be generated by the instructor and the students to lead the entire training
-Taking the flag contest (etical hacking) at the end of the training to secure the complete understanding of the techniques.

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