HyperSec Consulting Group Services Network Monitoring

Our Network Monitoring Set is basicly a complex union of tools to monitor your network environment, this mode could work in two modes:

  • Active: We are an active part of the environment, in this mode you can get other 2 submodes:

                       -Bridge Mode: We analize the traffic in real mode via the bridge model

                       -ARP Based Sniffing: We deploy attacks like "arp-poisoning and arp
                        spoofing", to analize the entire network infraestructure.

  • Passive: We are a promisc part of the environment, this mode has only one mode and the mode is, checking the packages in promiscuous mode like a sniffer does.

If you want to know more about our network testing service, please download the requisition form and send it to info@hypersec.co.uk

And please fill the correct blanks, because we need to know everyhing about the future plan of the network monitoring infraestructure.

Download our Network Monitoring Requisition Form.

Network Monitoring Set:

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