HyperSec Consulting Group History

G-Con Security Staff is a join between Daemon, Beck, Dex, knish and nahual on first instance 3 years ago, G-Con Staff comes together with research in mind, soon G-Con Security Staff grows in size and countries: Sweden, US, Denmark, Spain, Brasil, Argentina, Russia, Australia.

Projects and research started as a network with ideas being brought to anyone that wants to join.

G-Con Security Staff alied with names such as Dave Aitel, Mark Hardy, Mattias Baath and others to join forces on research and development.

G-Con Security starts projects such as ViruSnort, LEA, MIMIC and others in the next fields:

- Virii technologies
- Encription
- Penetracion Technologies
- Networking
- Tiger Team techniques
- Artificial Inteligence
- Education

G-Con Security parts with former company Kelsi Siler from which sold the exclusive services in january of 2004 to join HyperSec Consulting Group.


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